61060, Ukraine, Kharkov, Lev Landau Avenue, 157
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
61060, Ukraine, Kharkov, Lev Landau Avenue, 157
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM


Corporation "ElKor" is your partner in the first place
Already over 10 years "ElKor" has successfully engaged in the development of buildings in the field of electrical engineering, offering the whole range of services for the implementation of complex energy projects, we ourselves will be happy to help your vitrati for an hour.
Our company offers design work in the following areas:

  • Design in the area of ​​medium and high voltage 6-750 kV:
      - newly built, modernized and reconstructed substations 35-750 kV;
      - relay protection and automation, control and signaling systems for substations 6-750 kV;
      - transformer substations and switchgears with voltage 6-10 kV;
      - cable lines 6-35 kV

  • Design in low voltage areas of 0.4 kV:
      - 0.4 kV electrical networks of utility, industrial, agricultural facilities;
      - distribution devices with a voltage of 0.4 kV;
      - cable lines 0.4 kV;
      - automated control systems for technological processes;
      - power supply systems special purpose;

  • Long-term experience of working with major design institutes and the CIS countries allows us to find the most economically and technically rational solutions for any of the most complex projects.

  • Highly qualified employees of the corporation will always help you choose the right electrical equipment for each specific project.

  • Complex execution of the whole cycle of works on electrification of the facility on a turnkey basis, including design, will save your costs and your time. We also carry out development work (R&D) for the development of specialized low-voltage complete devices.
    Having many years of experience of cooperation and well-established industrial relations with a number of enterprises - manufacturers of high-tech equipment, our company offers the implementation of complex energy projects, providing the supply of the entire range of electrical equipment, including: high-voltage cells, high-voltage circuit breakers (vacuum, SF6), power and measuring transformers, disconnectors, reactive power compensation units, diesel generators, storage batteries, battery chargers, cable and wire products, valves and other equipment.

    Specialists of our corporation will provide qualified assistance in the selection of this or that equipment, which in turn will make it possible to optimally solve, minimizing costs and increasing the efficiency of the task set for each specific case.
    Electrotechnical Corporation "ElKor" is one of the largest manufacturers of low-voltage complete devices (LVCD) with voltage up to 1000V AC, 1500V DC with load current up to 6300A of any complexity and novelty for the needs of various power facilities under construction and reconstruction.

    Our experience in manufacturing low-voltage complete devices for various industries, in particular those intended for use at special-purpose facilities, allows us to produce equipment of the highest quality that meets any requirements and conditions.
    "ElKor" Corporation performs a full range of installation and commissioning works for the supplied electrical products, which allows the most efficient implementation of equipment into the power system under construction or in operation. The work is carried out by highly qualified employees with extensive experience in power facilities.
    During the operation of the equipment, our company provides maintenance services, including the following activities:

  • implementation of feedback "Customer-Plant" - technical support, consulting services;
  • warranty and post-warranty service;
  • training of the Customer's operating personnel;