Auxiliary electrical equipment

Consoles and control boards

Control consoles and control boards are designed for control, condition monitoring and dispatching of technological processes and facilities at energy and industrial enterprises They may contain control and alarm devices, mnemonic diagrams, measuring instruments and automated process control system elements.

Structurally, control boards are completed from vertical panels, consoles are assembled from single-slope inclined tables – console panels. The most recommended and convenient in operation is the combined board-console (console-panel) design.


Corporation "ELCOR" produces the following types of consoles and control boards:

Applied equipment

Metal structure:

  • Rittal;
  • domestic production with powder coating.

APCS devices:

  • Schneider Electric;
  • Siemens;
  • ABB;
  • Phoenix Contact;
  • and etc.

Control and signaling devices:

  • Schneider Electric;
  • ABB;
  • Lovato;
  • Apator;
  • Promet;
  • and etc.

Measuring instruments:

  • Schneider Electric;
  • SATEC;
  • FRER;
  • Plant “Megger”;
  • and etc.

Specifications and standards

Technical characteristics of cabinets and control panels

Name of parameter/technical specificationParameter value/execution options
Rated voltage of operating circuits, V
DC: 24, 48, 110; 125; 220;
AC: 220
Type of internal separation according to IEC 60439-11
Steel structure materialsheet steel with powder coating
Degree of protection according to IEC 60529up to IP54
Climatic implementationУ, УХЛ, Т, ТВ
Seismic resistance, points on the MSK-64 scaleup to 9


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