Metallurgy and coke chemistry

Metallurgical plants

The mining and metallurgical complex plays an important role in the economy of Ukraine and other countries.

Metallurgical plants produce metals from natural raw materials and other metal-containing products, produce alloys,
perform processing of metals in a hot and cold state (production of rolled metal products).

Metallurgical plants provide metal and finished metal products to all other branches of industry, including heavy and precision engineering, and the construction industry.

The main technological installations of metallurgy enterprises are:

  • agglomeration machines;
  • coke batteries;
  • blast furnaces;
  • open-hearth furnaces;
  • oxygen converters;
  • electric furnaces;
  • rolling mills.

Corporation “ELCOR” has many years of experience of cooperation with the largest metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine and abroad and produces low voltage equipment for all technological divisions of metallurgical enterprises.

Enterprises of the coke industry

A modern coking plant is a large-scale complex production, in which all components of the coked raw materials are utilized and processed.

There are two types of coke plants:

  • plants with a full cycle of coke production, located separately from metallurgical enterprises;
  • coke-chemical shops (productions) that are part of metallurgical plants and located on the same site with them.

Metallurgical coke is the most important raw material component in the blast furnace process.

The main technological units of the coking plant:

  • coal preparation shop;
  • coal tower;
  • coke battery;
  • coke extinguishing installations;
  • shop for capturing coke oven gas;
  • processing shops (coking, resin distillation, rectification and others).

Corporation “ELCOR” produces low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies for the largest coke enterprises in Ukraine and foreign countries.

We manufacture the following equipment for the mining and metallurgical industry and coking industry:

Large implemented projects in the metallurgical and coke industries:

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