DC power equipment

DC boards

DC boards are designed to provide a guaranteed supply of DC electrical energy with a voltage of up to 500 V of critical systems (control, protection, automation and emergency) at energy and industrial facilities.

DC boards, depending on the configuration, may include the following main components:


Corporation "ELCOR" produces DC boards in the following versions:

We also offer complex deliveries of operational direct current systems (OSCS), including stand-alone rectifiers and stationary batteries of the world’s leading brands.

Applied equipment

Metal structure:

  • Schneider Electric (Spacial);
  • Rittal;
  • domestic production with powder coating.

Switching devices:

  • Schneider Electric (circuit breakers and load switches);
  • LS Electric (circuit breakers);
  • ABB (circuit breakers);
  • OEZ (load break switches with fuses);
  • SOCOMEC (load breakers and switches).

Logic controllers and components of monitoring systems:

  • Schneider Electric;
  • Phoenix Contact;
  • ICP DAS;
  • TONHE.

Insulation monitoring systems:

  • Schneider Electric;
  • Bender;
  • APS Energy;
  • TONHE.

Rectifiers, DC/DC converters and inverters:

  • Benning;
  • APS Energy;
  • ELTEK;
  • TONHE.

Stand-alone rectifiers

We offer stand-alone cabinets with rectifiers (for charging and recharging batteries) both of our own production and those of the following leading brands:

  • Benning;
  • APS Energy;
  • Gutor.

Rechargeable batteries

We offer stationary VRLA batteries and classic low-maintenance vented lead-acid batteries from the following manufacturers:

  • Exide Technologies;
  • Hoppecke;
  • bae.

Specifications and standards

Technical characteristics of DC boards

Name of parameter/technical specificationParameter value/execution options
Rated DC voltage, Vup to 500
Rated current, Aup to 5000
Type of internal separation according to IEC 60439-1up to 4b
Busbar materialcopper
Steel structure materialsheet steel with powder coating
Degree of protection according to IEC 60529up to IP54
Climatic implementationУ, УХЛ, Т, ТВ
Seismic resistance, points on the MSK-64 scaleup to 9


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