Our technology

Our production includes the following steps:

Design documentation

ELCOR Corporation has experience in developing equipment in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian regulatory documents (DSTU, PUE, IEC), foreign regulatory documents (ANSI, IEEE, ABNT, etc.), industry standards and standards of Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Development of design documentation is possible in accordance with the ESKD and SPD development systems as well as with foreign standards of design in the language of the customer.

Our standard set of operational documentation for products includes a package of documents:

Technological support of production

Technological preparation of production is carried out by the technological department.

Our experienced technologists develop and constantly improve flow charts and instructions describing the technological processes for the manufacture of low-voltage assemblies, control the production processes, and regularly hold trainings for production personnel.

Our production is equipped with:

marking printers from Phoenix Contact

hand tools for electrical assembly by Phoenix Contact

tire bending machine manufactured by ERKO

bending and punching tool manufactured by ERCO

other means of small-scale mechanization - hydraulic presses, hoists and hydraulic trolleys

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