Infrastructure of space rocket complexes

The infrastructure of space rocket complexes is a special-purpose complex with functionally interconnected technical means and facilities designed to provide maintenance, preparation, launch and flight control of space rockets and includes:

  • launch complexes;
  • assembly and testing complexes;
  • command posts;
  • and etc.

The decisive role in ensuring the successful functioning of the space rocket complex is played by the systems of external and internal power supply.

Particularly high requirements are imposed on the components of the power supply systems of space rocket complexes in terms of reliability, uninterrupted operation, electromagnetic compatibility, resistance to external influences (mechanical, climatic and biological), safety, unification and manufacturability.

Corporation “ELCOR” is highly qualified, has all the necessary permits and technical specifications for the development of internal and external power supply systems, as well as the production of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies for the ground infrastructure of space rocket complexes.

Our equipment operates at the world-famous Baikonur Cosmodrome

Corporation "ELCOR" produces the following electrical equipment for power supply systems of technical systems and technological equipment of space rocket complexes:

Major implemented projects in the space rocket industry:

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