AC power equipment

Transformer substations

A complete transformer substation (CTS) is designed to receive, convert and distribute three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz and a voltage of up to 35 kV.

The CTS may include the following components:


Corporation "ELCOR" produces LV switchboards of CTS, and also offers complex supply of equipment for CTS including dry power transformers and high-voltage switchgears.

Low voltage switchboards can be equipped with components for power measurement and metering systems, as well as monitoring systems based on programmable logic controllers with the ability to transfer data to the upper level and remote control.

Applied equipment

0.4 kV boards LVS by own production

Metal structure:

  • Schneider Electric (Prisma, Spacial);
  • Rittal;
  • DKC;
  • ELDON;
  • domestic production with powder coating.

Switching devices:

  • Schneider Electric;
  • LS Electric;
  • Siemens;
  • ABB.


  • Schneider Electric;
  • nVent Eriflex.

Logic controllers and components of monitoring systems:

  • Schneider Electric;
  • Phoenix Contact;
  • ICP DAS.

Bus bars trunking 0.4 kV

Corporation “ELCOR” manufactures busbar trunking of its own production in a protected design, and also offers Canalis busbar trunking manufactured by Schneider Electric.

Power dry transformers

We offer power dry-type transformers with cast resin and copper or aluminum windings in open and protected versions from the following manufacturers:

  • Schneider Electric (Trihal);
  • Elettromecсanica Piossasco (Italy);
  • ABB;
  • domestic production.

Medium voltage switchgears (MVS)

We offer both simple devices for high-voltage transformer input (HVI) and full-fledged distribution points (DP) of medium voltage, equipped with load breakers, vacuum and SF6 circuit breakers, relay protection devices and automation from the following manufacturers:

  • Schneider Electric;
  • ABB;
  • leading domestic manufacturers.

Specifications and standards

LVS CTS specifications

Name of parameter/technical specificationParameter value/execution options
Rated voltage, Vup to 800
Rated frequency, Hz50, 60
Rated current, Aup to 6300
Type of internal separation according to IEC 60439-1up to 4b
Busbar materialcopper, aluminum
Steel structure material
black steel with powder coating, stainless steel with powder coating
Degree of protection according to IEC 60529up to IP65
Climatic implementationУ, УХЛ, Т, ТВ
Seismic resistance, points on the MSK-64 scaleup to 9


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