Corporation "ELKOR" operates in a wide range of areas - generation, distribution of electricity, heavy metallurgical and coke-chemical industries, food and light industries, civil engineering in Ukraine and abroad.

Nuclear power

We produce special low-voltage switchboard equipment for nuclear power plants

Thermal and hydroelectric power plants

We produce low-voltage switchboard equipment for thermal (TPP) and hydroelectric power plants (HPP)

Electricity distribution

We produce electrical equipment for our own needs, relay protection and process control systems for high-voltage substations

Metallurgy and coke chemistry

We produce switchboard equipment for all technological departments of metallurgical enterprises

Civil engineering

We produce equipment for the power supply of civil facilities

Light and food industry

We produce low-voltage complete devices for industrial facilities

Sea transport

We produce low-voltage complete devices used in the infrastructure of shipping and maritime transport

Infrastructure of space rocket complexes

We produce low-voltage complete devices for the ground infrastructure of rocket and space complexes

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