Power supply of infrastructure of seaports and maritime transport

The power supply of the port consist of devices for transmission, conversion and distribution of electricity for powering of lifting and transport reloading machines, storage equipment, mechanisms for auxiliary production of the port and electric lighting.

High demands are placed on the equipment of seaports due to the variable seasonal nature of the load, due to the mode of operation of reloading machines, the linear location of consumers, the considerable length and complex structure of power networks.

Industry standards set high requirements for moisture and dust protection, mechanical resistance, reliability, maintainability and safety of electrical equipment.

Corporation “ELCOR” is highly qualified, has all the necessary permits and technical specifications for the development and production of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies used in the infrastructure of shipping and maritime transport.

We carry out orders for the manufacture of electrical equipment for ships

The roots of our company go back to the Russian-Baltic Electrotechnical Plant, which was focused on the production of electrical equipment for marine vessels and the KHEMZ plant, which also produced electrical equipment for ships for 80 years.

Corporation “ELKOR” has inherited from the special design bureau “KHEMZ” experience, traditions and unique technical documentation for the development of special low-voltage complete devices for marine applications.

We develop switchboard equipment for both domestic and foreign maritime infrastructure.

On our account, the development of floating cranes and tugs for the company KIRGAN HOLDING SA, Panama; supply of equipment to the commercial port in the city of Mariupol and other projects.

The development of electrical equipment is carried out according to individual technical requirements and can be adapted to technical standards and special requirements, including foreign ones, which is important for our foreign customers.

Related technical documentation can be provided in the customer’s language.

power distribution cabinet

Corporation "ELCOR" manufactures the following equipment for the infrastructure of seaports and maritime transport:

Major implemented projects in the field of shipping:

In Ukraine

In the world

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