Use of advanced technologic solutions, component parts, devices and other equipment produced by the companies of the CIS countries and leading foreign companies enables ElKor Corporation to carry out manufacture and delivery for the systems of direct current control power of low voltage distribution switchboards (LVDS) including direct current boards and electric power conversion devices completely adjusted to the conditions of a certain substation according to technical characteristics and the volume of available functions with good value for money.

Direct current boards are designed for provision of power supply without failures of operational control circuits, protection, automation and alarm system, emergency lightning as well as continuous control over the parameters of power system of substations’ distribution devices.

Designation and functions

Direct current boards (DCB) in the systems of secure power supply of direct current control power are designed for reception of direct current electric power from rectifying devices and accumulator batteries and its distribution among the electric power receivers.

DCB manufactured by ElKor Corporation generally implement the following functions:


  • lead-in of direct current electric power from the rectifying devices, accumulation batteries (AB) and its distribution among the electric power receivers;
  • power supply without failures of emergency lightning chains;
  • duplication of power system and distribution of electric energy with collecting buses segmentation;
  • power supply of alarm system chains from flash light source;
  • information connection of DCB with ACS object with the help of programmable logic controller enabling the processing and transmission to the upper control level (on the RS485 interface) of the information on the condition and operation modes of DCB components in the volume agreed with the Customer;;
  • power supply without failures of programmed controller and primary detector from the alternate current network, from DCB buses and autonomous accumulator battery with the help of AC/DC and DC/DC converters being part of DCB;
  • protection of outgoing circuits and lead-ins by automatic breakers with the needed selectiveness and three-pole isolators and protectors;
  • protection of power circuit from overstress with the help of power diodes connected between the ground, positive and negative poles of DCB buses or with the help of power voltage-variable resistors;
  • use as an additional protection of lead-ins and outgoing circuits from short-circuit current and overloads of remote protection with the help of supersensitive relays making it possible to provide the protection practically with any selectiveness and with small values of short-circuit currents and overload or with the help of separate microprocessor unit;
  • transfer of power supply line with the damaged insulation to the power supply from a separate bus structure;
  • uninterrupted line rerouting for the power supply from the backup system of buses for the electric power receivers blocking current breaking with the help of isolating diodes;
  • control, measuring, and alarm system including:
    • - automated continuous control over the insulating resistance of direct current chains with automated determination of the line with the damaged isolation excluding false devices triggering in the schemes of products powered by DCB;
    • control over the availability of the accumulator battery connection chain;
    • direct current voltage level control;
    • trouble signalling of the rectifying devices;
    • formation of the generalized alarm signal drawn to the connecting terminals of DCB;
    • measuring of basic electric parameters in the volume agreed with the Customer with the help of analogue, point and digital measuring devices (including insulating resistance of direct current network, accumulator battery boost charge current) or by the parameters display on the board controller monitor;
    • light alarm system of switching devices position using two- and three-color light-emitting diodes;
    • remote alarm system in the volume agreed with the Customer.

In the manufactured DCB there can be used schematic and construction solutions implementing variety of additional functions of protection and control including:

  • double control of insulation resistance in the direct current network and formation of the signal on insulation resistance lowering below the established levels;
  • detection of the feeder with damaged insulation with the help of portable devices;
  • input of power backup line from the other DCB;
  • carrying out of test accumulator battery discharge with power recuperation into the alternate current network;
  • internal lightening of DCB cabinets;
  • uninterrupted switching to the mode of the accelerated AB charge with the current adapting in the AB elements during DCB operation with one AB having additional outputs.


Generally DCB consists of lead-in cabinets, outgoing lines cabinets and the cabinet with general devices which in the assembled condition are the functionally finished DCB.

Structurally DCB cabinets are made in the form of frames with double-sided maintenance (on the front side there is double- or single-wing door, on the back side there is a double-wing door) with the devices installed in them. Standard overall dimensions of cabinets:

  • outgoing lines (HхWхD): 2200х(800;900;1000;1100;1200)х800 mm;
  • lead-in (HхWхD): 2200х1000х800 mm.

The equipment can be manufactured as well with irregular overall dimensions upon agreement with the Customer.

On the front side of cabinets there is mnemonic diagram reflecting the position of commutation devices and availability (absence) of voltage or emergency cut-off of the automated breaker or fuse blowing in the outgoing circuit with the help of three-color light emitting diodes and position indicators.

Boards protection level is no less than IP20 according to GOST14257-98.

Boards manufacture on a seismic design basis is possible (up to 9 magnitude on MSK scale)

Metal structures of both national manufacturers and such world leading manufacturers as RITTAL, SAREL, SCHROFF, TVD are used for manufacture of boards.

Technical documentation provided to the ElKor Corporation:

  • - passport;
  • - electric schematic diagrams;
  • - electric circuit diagrams;
  • - dimensional drawings;
  • - repair and maintenance manual;
  • - assembly manual (instructions), manual on start-up and setting -up; maintenance manual and instructions for package devices.

Design and operational documentation correspond to the Unified system for design documentation standards.

Scope of delivery:

  • - DCB;
  • - Box with contact breakers;
  • - Box with resistors.