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61060, Ukraine, Kharkov, Lev Landau Avenue, 157
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Our partners

International Electrotechnical Concern ABB

The world leader in the design, production and maintenance of equipment for transmission and distribution of electricity, products and technologies for automation, electric motors, generators and other devices for various purposes for use in residential premises, commercial and industrial facilities. ElKor Corporation is a partner of ABB ”, Has been implementing complex projects for the products of this company for many years. Our corporation can offer solutions to the most complex various problems.

Electrotechnical firm "Schneider Electric"

ElKor Corporation, being a permanent partner and a certified authorized manufacturer of panels of the electrical company Schneider Electric, France offers to carry out a comprehensive supply of all electrical equipment for your projects based on Schneider Electric products.

RITTAL company

Rittal is a German company headquartered in Herborn. The company manufactures electrical cabinets for industrial use. Founded in 1961, Rittal is a subsidiary of the Friedhelm Loh Group. The name Rittal comes from the place where the company was founded - Rittershausen in Dietzholztal. Also, the RITTAL Company is one of the world leaders in the production of telecommunication and distribution cabinets, subracks, current distribution equipment.

Phoenix Contact company

Phoenix Contact is the renowned global leader in electrical connections, process control electronics, surge protection devices and industrial automation systems.

BENNING Elektrotechnik und Elektronik GmbH & Co KG company

It is one of the leaders in the development of uninterruptible power supply systems. Uninterruptible power supply systems of this manufacturer, used in products and systems designed by the ElKor corporation, are successfully operated at many of the largest energy enterprises in Ukraine, countries of the near and far abroad.


Siemens AG is a German conglomerate operating in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, power equipment, transportation, medical equipment and lighting, as well as specialized services in various areas of industry, transport and communications.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. develops, manufactures and supports products and services ranging from generator protection and transmission to automation and distribution control systems. SEL, founded in 1982 by Edmund O. Schweitzer III, supplied the world's first digital safety relay.