ElKor Corporation closely collaborates with many worldwide leading companies manufacturing electrical products. This enables us to complement our products and systems with the most reliable, quality and innovative products. Partnership relations between ElKor Corporation and worldwide manufacturers, in their turn, favourably reflect in the price of final product for final consumer.

ElKor Corporation being a permanent partner and a certified authorized manufacturer of shields of engineer company Schneider Electric, France, offers to carry out the packaged supply of all the electrical equipment for your projects based upon the products of Schneider Electric.

International electric concern ABB is a world leader in designing, manufacture and service of equipment for transmission and distribution of power, products and technologies for automation, electric motors, generators and other devices of various purposes in residential areas, on commercial and industrial objects.

ElKor Corporation, being its partner, has been realizing complex projects with products of ABB Company for many years. ABB and ElKor Corporation can offer the solution for the most complicated and various tasks.


RITTAL is one of the world leaders on manufacture of telecommunication and distribution panels, crates, current distribution equipment.

Phoenix Contact is the recognized worldwide leader in the field of manufacture of electric connections, interface electronic equipment for the technologic process, protection devices for peak overvoltages, and production automation systems monitoring.

Industrial Systems is the recognized world leader on the market of electrical products. LS Industrial Systems company occupies over 65% of the market of low-voltage equipment in the South Korea and it is constantly expanding its existence on the market of South-East Asia, Middle East and Europe.

BENNING Elektrotechnik und Elektronik GmbH & Co KG is one of the leaders in the field of uninterrupted power supply systems development.

Uninterrupted power supply systems of this manufacturer used for the products and systems designed by ElKor Corporation are successfully operated by many huge energetic enterprises of Ukraine and in the countries of the near and far abroad.

Siemens is the world leader in such fields as automation, computer technologies and connection, power supply, medicine, transport, and lightning.