1  General information

Cabinets (panels*) of ЗШН-ЭК, 4ШН-ЭК, 5ШН-ЭК, 6ШН-ЭК type and derived КТПСН-ЭК boards are applied with the electric equipment of package transformer substations for power supply to service consumers of nuclear, hydro power plants, thermal power plants and electric installation of other facilities both those under construction and under reconstruction or for replacement of old or broken cabinets of ЗШН, 4ШН, 5ШН, 6ШН series of operating facilities with feeding service transformers capacity of 250 kVA , 400 kVA, 630 kVA, 1000 kVA and 1600 kVA, voltage of 6/0.4 kV or 10/0.4 kV as distribution devices of low voltage.

Structurally ШН-ЭК cabinets are the closed volumetric metallic structures of two-sided maintenance with the devices installed inside and accomplished electric connections.


The front side of the cabinet is closed by the shutting doors or block covers, the back side is closed by the double-wing doors. All doors and covers can be locked. On the side parts cabinets are closed with steel panels.

In the up side of the cabinet there is a horizontal section for collecting buses, in the left side (from the front side) there is a vertical section for buses feeding breakers.

In the right part of the cabinet of outgoing circuits near the vertical section for buses there are cells for breakers, in the left part there are cells for relay blocks. Each cell from all the sides is closed by steel sheets with front open cover.

All input breakers of extensible construction, outgoing circuits’ breakers and relay blocks are of extensible or stationary construction, depending on the order.

With two-row placement of cabinets on the board between the rows of the cabinets there is an installed busbar bypass (busbar bridge).

Cabinets make it possible to install them on cable channel or in apertures, cables or buses lead-in is from the down side, from the up side, from the right and from the left or combined, for example from the left side and from the up side.

According to functional designation ШН-ЭК cabinets are divided into:

  • lead-in and sectional connection – standard performance is ЗШН-10-ЭК, 4ШН-10-ЭК, 5ШН-10-ЭК;
  • lead-in for buses of backup feeding – standard performance is 5ШН-40-ЭК;
  • outgoing circuits and outgoing circuits with lead-in – standard performance is 5ШН-600-ЭК, 5ШН-50-ЭК, 6ШН-50-ЭК;
  • general section devices – standard performance is 5ШН-80-ЭК;
  • service transformers control – standard performance is 5ШН-70-ЭК, stacking cabinets and for technologic purposes.

According to functional designation 4БР-ЭК, 2БС-ЭК, ЗБС-ЭК, 5БС-ЭК blocks being part of ШН-ЭК cabinets are divided into:

  • protection and control over lead-in breakers;
  • protection and control over sectional breaker;
  • critical electric motor control;
  • power supply control;
  • electric motor and outgoing circuit remote control;
  • motor breaker control;
  • protection and automation of service transformer;
  • power supply, protection and alarm system of control circuits;
  • electric motor protection and control.

In accordance with the functional designation ШН-ЭК cabinets generally provide:

  • reception of electric power from service transformers;
  • sectional breaker control (backup lead-in);
  • distribution of electric energy among service consumers;
  • protection of feeding transformers and outgoing circuits from non-authorized operation modes; - feeding transformers and outgoing circuits control;
  • control of supply voltage level, power energy accounting and alarm system of the turned-in and turned-off modes of powered switching devices.

Main technical characteristics of ШН-ЭК cabinets:

а) nominal current is 0.4 kV, 50 Нz;

b)  electrodynamic stability of main circuit with capacity of service transformer of:

  1. 250 kVА is 16 kА;
  2. 400 kVА is 25 kА;
  3. 630 kVА is 50 kА;
  4. 1000 kVА is 50 kА;
  5. 1600 kVА is 70 kА;

c) thermal stability of main circuit within 1 s with capacity of service transformer of:

  1. 250кVА is 6,3 кА2 ;
  2. 400 кVА is 10кА2 ;
  3. 630 кVА is 25 кА2 ;
  4. 1000 кVА is 25кА2;
  5. 1600 кVА is 30кА2 ;

2    Complete set

The delivery package includes:

  • low voltage distribution switchboard (ШН-ЭК cabinet or board consisting of ШН-ЭК cabinets);
  • set of spare parts;
  • set of operational documentation.

3   Order formation

Order for manufacture and delivery of ШН-ЭК cabinet or board consisting of ШН-ЭК cabinets is made on the form of configuration data sheet or in any other form with indication of all the issues mentioned in the configuration data sheet.

Form of fill-in is provided in the example.

There must be indicated the language for executing operational documentation and the necessity to deliver checking protocol of automatic breakers pickup setting.

Any other Customer’s requirements are to be agreed in the contract (agreement) for manufacture and delivery.

Note 1. Boards from ШН-ЭК cabinets can be delivered both stacked (up to five cabinets) and as separate cabinets prepared for stacking into unite board on the assembly site that is to be agreed when ordering.

Note 2. When ordering ШН-ЭК cabinets for replacement it is allowed to indicate the old type (standard performance) of cabinet.