Low voltage distribution switchboards of РТЗО-88ЭК series are designed for power supply and control over electric motor drives with capacity of up to 10 kW and locking control valve of industrial and public facilities with capacity from 14 kW to 28 kW as well as electric motors with capacity of up to 11 kW of service mechanisms of power plants (thermal power plants, hydro power plants, nuclear power plants).

Products are manufactured for four-wired systems of power supply with the grounded neutral.

Structurally products are the closed volumetric metallic structures with the devices installed inside on the frames of the product metallic structures or on flat metallic structures of blocks and accomplished electric connections. Maintenance of products is either single-sided or two-sided; on the maintenance side there is a door. Cabinets make it possible to install them on cable channel or in apertures; cable lead-in is from the down side or from the up side.

Cabinets overall dimensions, mm:

  • height – 2000, 2200;
  • width – 800 or 1200 (for one-row lead-in cabinet with devices of cable assembly);
  • depth – 400 ((for one-row position of blocks);
  • - 800 (for two-row position of blocks).

Protection degree - IP21, IP41, IP54.

Basic parameters:

  • - source voltage is 380/220 V, frequency is 50 Hz; 220 V of direct current;
  • - nominal current is 50 А, 63 А, 100 А.

Cabinet weight is no more than 350 kg.

Products for nuclear power facilities service are manufactured in the anti-seismic variant with resistance to seismic influence with intensity of 8 points according to MSK-64 scale on the mark 40 m and 9 points according to MSK-64 scale on the mark 25 m.

According to functional designation products provide:

  • - reception and distribution of power energy of alternate current with voltage of 380/220 V, frequency of 50 Hz or direct current with voltage of 220 V;
  • - management of power energy consumers;
  • - protection of power supply circuits from overload current and short circuits as well as current limitation of impact values of short-circuit currents (if necessary) up to the permissible limits for protective and commutation devices with the help of shunt reactors.

Protective and commutation control devices of power energy consumers (conjunction) is placed on flat blocks which are located in cabinets in one or two rows.

Protective and commutation control devices can be manufactured both by the manufacturers of CIS countries and leading manufacturing companies of the far abroad countries.

СAnti-seismic РТЗО-88ЭК cabinets and blocks being their part have index “С” in the standard performance (ШОС, ШДС, БОС).

Complete set

The delivery package includes:

  • - low voltage distribution switchboard (cabinet or cabinets РТЗО-88 ЭК);
  • - set of spare parts;
  • - set of operational documentation.

Order formation.

Order for manufacture and delivery of РТЗО-88 ЭК cabinet or board consisting of РТЗО-88 ЭК cabinets is made on the form of table of low voltage distribution switchboard with technical data on the order and configuration data sheet fill in examples of which are provided below or in any form with indication of all the issues mentioned in LVDS table and configuration data sheet.

When ordering on the forms of LVDS table and configuration data sheet there must be the record statement of technical specifications.

In any case when ordering formation there must be mentioned:

  • - language of operational documentation execution;
  • - protection degree and type of service;
  • - height of the object placement above sea level;
  • - level of seismic load (if necessary);
  • -climatic version.

Any other Customer’s requests are to be agreed in the contract (agreement) for manufacture and delivery.